Digital 3D measurement of complex parts and shapes

More application examples in Profile, Contour, Surface

Coil edge 3D inspection and surface assessment of roof tiles Defect recognition on worktops Measuring dental samples confocal Inline inspection of sealing compound in covering lid Inspection of rotationally symmetrical parts Digital 3D measurement of complex parts and shapes Display glass defects Reading the DOT code on tires ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for pipeline inspection Flat glass defects Water depth measurement on a river model Shape measurement of rotation symmetrical parts Automatic winding of glass fiber cables Rail wear Position of the rubber grip on golf clubs Measurement of large geometries with precision machines Optical sensors in side trimming systems of saw mills Geometry inspection of ingots Inline burr measurement on sheet edges in body manufacture Adhesive beading check on border strip Robot positioning for application of seals Adhesive beading check Measurement of contact lenses Coplanarity of connector pins Paintwork defects Bearing shell surface Dimensional Testing of Cans for the Food Industry Image processing system for the detection of markings 2D/3D measurement station for gaskets Measuring the base height of filters in the automotive industry Paper fold recognition in printing machines Stitching position of airbags Profile measurement of compressor blades under high temperature conditions Profile measurement system Profile sensor for tire measurement on the test rig Automatic test station for heat exchangers Inspection of saw teeth Fluid level measurement of aluminum pig irons Quality control in chocolate production Tester for (railway) wheel rim measurement Tire surface Completely automatic 3D repair welding 3D profile measurement of soil samples In-line inspection of the rubber on windshield wiper blades Measurement of key profiles Weld seam profile Weld seam tracking for pipeline inspection Dimensional accuracy of sectional doors Control of the milling head in a mobile CNC milling unit Automatic contour and parts measurement Monitoring embossment depth Welded sheets on gas valves Measurement of pre-stressed steel Non-contact roller measuring device Windscreen defects

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