Monitoring the clamping position of tools

To meet the growing demands for accuracy of machine tools, high precision sensors are required. The induSENSOR LVP-25 was developed for monitoring the clamping position in machine tools.

The cylindrical sensor can be easily integrated into the release device of the clamping system. A ring, which serves as a target for the sensor, is simply glued onto the drawbar. The measuring principle of the sensor is non-contact and so is not subject to wear.

As the sensor provides an analog signal that is proportional to the stroke movement of the drawbar, continuous monitoring is achieved with this solution. This eliminates the tedious adjustment of the switching point that is necessary with other solutions. Just like the sensor, the controller is extremely compact and can therefore be easily integrated.

Advantages at a glance

  • Short, robust sensor design with large measuring range
  • Easy sensor integration
  • No mechanical alignment necessary
  • No adjustment required in the plant

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