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Controlling infrared elements for precise temperature monitoring

Measuring the temperature of the radiation source and the ambient temperature are not sufficient to make clear decisions about the heating behavior of the target itself. Therefore, the product temperature ...

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High precision adjustment using capacitive sensors

In the production of thin-film solar cells, multiple functional layers are applied in a defined arrangement and structure onto glass sheets with a size of up to 3m x 5m. This happens in large coating systems. ...

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ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for pipeline inspection

To meet safety regulations, the inspection of the internal parts of pipelines is mandatory, as any defects can lead to cracks, which could result in complete pipe failure or, in the worst case, in personal ...

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Profile measurement of compressor blades under high temperature conditions

The thermal geometric change under operating conditions needs to be measured on a new type of composite material for gas power plants.

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Thickness measurement of battery separators

In the production of battery separators the in-line monitoring of the profile thickness is an important measurement task within the framework of quality assurance. A measurement system with high spatial ...

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Gap measurement in photovoltaic modules

The module is hermetically sealed using a vacuum during a new method for the production of photovoltaic modules. The correct distance between glass front and metal rear side is important for this vacuum. ...

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Position measurement on X-ray machines

For highres pictures of digital X-ray machines, the camera must be exactly adjusted to the X-ray tube. For pretty flexible operation, different axes are electrically moveable. Therefore, the adjustment ...

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Thickness measurement using displacement sensors

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors is a wide application area. Basically there are distinctions between non-destructive/destructive, non-contact/with contact and one-side/two-sided thickness ...

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Biogas plant filling quantity

The filling quantity in the fermenter of a biogas plant can be determined using the expansion of the gas tank. This is important in order to assure a constant gas flow to the combustion engine. Draw-wire ...

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