Thickness profile measurement of blown films (non-contact and contact measurement 10µm to 500µm)

The systems of the BTS 8104 family are designed as reversing systems and are based on the capacitive technology. They are directly applied immediately behind the calibration cage on the bubble and therefore offer a very fast and efficient control. Adaptive reversing speed allows an ideal adjusting of the measurement to each step of the extrusion process. Therefore, these systems present the basis for a perfect film production regarding quality and material input.


  • 100 % non-contact and contact capacitive measurement methods
  • Different coating for different film types
  • Adaptive reversing speed to ensure fast controlling
  • No consequential costs due to isotopes or X-rays
  • Short control loop ensured by measurement on the bubble

Material parameter:

  • Thickness up to 300µm (reversing) and 500µm (traversing), non conductive material
  • Width from 255mm to 3600mm (double flat)
  • Bubble vibration (horizontal) up to 10Hz (non-contact sensor, reversing - BTS 8101NC)
  • Different sensor coatings allow measurements on different film types

The BTS family are designed as reversing and traversing measurement systems equipped with capacitive sensors. The innovative technology allows extreme precise measurements for increased production efficiency.

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