Fully automatic surface inspection of flat components


The requirements for the quality of painted attachments are as high as the quality requirements for the entire car body. The new reflectCONTROL surface inspection system is designed for fast and high-resolution surface inspection of flat components. It recognizes and classifies the defects in an objective and repeatable way. Due to the large measuring field, trays can be measured in just a single capture.


  • Objective 100% inspection of components
  • Detection of defects after painting or with the inspection of incoming goods
  • Cost reduction due to reduced defect slippage
  • Reduction of rework

Inspection parameters:

  • Resolution from 70 µm for the detection of the smallest of deviations
  • Almost color-independent detection rate from 0.6 sec.
  • Measuring field: 245x116 mm2 / 830x330 mm2
  • Stationary or on the robot (independent of the robot type)

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