Robust laser scanners with rear-tail option for high application diversity


The scanCONTROL 3000 laser scanners are now even more versatile. As a rear-tail version, they have a rear cable outlet including integrated cable. This reduces the space required to install the scanner by half. In addition, a new protective housing is available that offers connections for air purging as well as liquid cooling, optimizing the laser scanners for measurements in harsh industrial environments.

The scanCONTROL 30xx model options offer a rear cable outlet. This allows the sensors to be positioned in an even more space-saving manner in many applications. The cable length is 30 cm and there is no wiring at the top. This reduces the installation height. Compared with the standard model, this reduces the required installation space by almost 50%.

For use in harsh industrial environments, a new protective housing is also available that is compatible with scanCONTROL 2500 and 2900 sensors with measuring ranges of 25, 50 and 100 mm, as well as all scanCONTROL 3000 and 30x2 models. The protective housing offers connections for air purging as well as liquid cooling, an adjustable splash guard, a replaceable protective glass and an air purge device. Dust or chips can be removed directly via the compressed air-supplied purge. This reduces cleaning to a minimum. The housing with additional water cooling offers protection against high ambient temperatures in addition to protection against mechanical damage. Alternatively, heating of the sensor is possible at low outside temperatures. The integrated protective window can be easily replaced at low cost.

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