Nanometer positioning in lithography machines

To illuminate individual components on the wafer, the lithographic devices move the wafer to the respective position. Capacitive displacement sensors measure the position of the travel path in order to enable nanometer-accurate positioning.

Positioning of masks in lithography

Lithography processes require high resolution and long-term measurement of machine movements in order to achieve maximum precision. High resolutions enable nanometer-precise positioning of masks using capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon. Their vacuum-suitable design enables the sensors and cables to be used in ultra-high vacuum.

Recommended sensor technology

capaNCDT 6200

High precision thickness measurement of silicon wafers

Capacitive displacement sensors are used for the exact thickness measurement of wafers. Two opposing sensors detect the thickness and also determine other parameters such as deflection or sawing marks. The position of the wafer in the measuring gap may vary.

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