Fiber optic sensors

Robust. Flexible.Versatile.

High-performance fiber optic sensors for machine building and automation

The optoCONTROL CLS1000 optoelectronic fiber optic sensor is suitable for use in automation thanks to its variable switching outputs. The CLS1000 is used for reliable position monitoring as well as for position and presence detection. The fiber optic sensor comprises a CFS sensor and a CLS1000 controller. The wide detection and operating ranges of up to 2000 mm make the fiber optic sensor ideal for the detection of components even at great distances. Due to the small design of the CFS sensors, the CLS1000 optoelectronic fiber optic sensor series is particularly suitable for use in confined installation spaces.



  1. Large detection and operating ranges
  2. Variety of teach-in modes for fast sensor adjustment
  3. Detection of finest structures
  4. Extremely high ambient light resistance up to 50,000 lux
  5. OLED display for fast and easy configuration
  6. Extremely robust and compact
  7. Switchable NPN, PNP, PP
  8. Ideal for machine building and automation
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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Reliable position control, presence and position detection


Comprehensive sensor range

The high-quality CFS sensors with fiber optics are characterized by small installation dimensions and robust materials. This makes them particularly suitable for mechanical stress and harsh ambient conditions such as high temperatures. The sensor can also be used in restricted areas as the sensor head requires a minimum of installation space. Depending on the measurement task, the sensors can be individually combined.

Large detection and operating ranges

Thanks to its high luminous intensity and resolution, the fiber optic sensor achieves peak values for detection and operating ranges. Depending on the sensor used, the operating range can be up to 2000 mm for transmitted light operation, and the detection range up to 1200 mm in one-way operation. This increases process reliability when used in plants and systems.

Extremely robust and compact controllers

Thanks to the robust plastic housing made of polycarbonate and the IP67 protection class, the controller is predestined for industrial tasks. Its slim design allows easy integration where installation space is limited. In addition, DIN rail mounting enables fast integration into any control cabinet.

Various controller models to overcome any challenge

The CLS1000 controller is available in various versions: CLS1000-QN with antivalence function (normally open/normally closed), CLS1000-2Q with two switching outputs, CLS1000-OC with optocoupler, CLS1000-AU with voltage output and CLS1000-AI with current output. Each model is available in NPN, PNP or push-pull versions. In addition, each controller is available with and without triggers.