scanCONTROL 3D laser scanners

3D laser scanners for inline quality inspection

scanCONTROL 3D scanners are used for precise inline 3D measurements in numerous applications. Scans are performed by moving the scanner or the target. Due to their low weight, the scanners are ideally suited both for robotic applications and inline production monitoring. These 3D laser scanners are characterized by high dynamics, absolute precision and their compact size. With the scanCONTROL 3000 and the new scanCONTROL 3002 series, Micro-Epsilon offers a comprehensive portfolio with numerous measurement areas, Red and Blue laser technologies and extensive accessories.

The scanCONTROL 3D laser scanners are based on the latest GigE Vision and GenICam standards and can therefore be integrated into a wide range of image processing environments. The powerful 3DInspect software is available for parameter setting, evaluation and output.



  1. Real 3D point clouds without data loss during post-processing
  2. Fast 3D scans up to 10,000 Hz
  3. Compact design for all measurement areas
  4. Small and compact, ideal for robotic applications
  5. Available with red and blue laser line
  6. GenICam / GigE Vision standard for easy integration
  7. Powerful 3DInspect software for measurement, processing and evaluation as well as assessment of measured data
  8. Compatible with Cognex VisionPro
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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3D laser scanners for inline applications

The scanCONTROL 3D scanners feature a wide range of different measurement areas from 25 x 15 mm up to 200 x 300 mm. Regardless of the size of the measurement area, these laser scanners impress with fast measurements and high precision at the same time.

The variety of measurement areas allows, on the one hand, both the acquisition of smallest details and structures, and, on the other hand, the measurement of large objects with a large offset distance. For this reason, scanCONTROL 3D scanners are used in various industries.

3D scans for integrators and end users

Video: scanCONTROL 3D laser scanner

Interface and signal processing units