eddyNCDT 3300

High-precision eddy current measuring system for fast applications up to 100 kHz

Inductive high-power sensor system (eddy current basis)

Non-contact eddyNCDT 3300 eddy current displacement sensors are designed for use in factory automation, for machine monitoring, for quality control and quality assurance. More than 80 differentes sensors models are available.



  1. Measuring ranges (mm): 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.8 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 15 | 22 | 40 | 80
  2. Resolution max. 0.02µm
  3. Linearity max. 0.8µm
  4. Multifunction controller with Graphic Display
  5. Robust sensors to IP67
  6. Up to 3 configurations can be stored
  7. Frequency response up to 100kHz
  8. Voltage / current output
  9. Suitable sensors for practically any application
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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High resolution and high speeds

The eddyNCDT 3300 controllers are equipped with high performance processors for signal processing and further processing. Three-point linearisation enables almost fully automatic linearisation, which provides high accuracies for any metallic target and installation environment. With a frequency response of up to 100kHz (-3dB), the eddyNCDT 3300 is suitable for high speed processes. The high resolution enables reliable detection of very small changes in displacement and distance in the sub-micrometre range.

Comprehensive sensor range

The eddyNCDT can be operated with almost every Micro-Epsilon sensor model. As well as standard sensors with conventional designs, miniature sensors can also be supplied that achieve high precision measurements of the smallest possible dimensions. Pressure-resistant versions, shielded housings, ceramic types and other special features characterise these sensors, which achieve highly accurate measurement results despite their small dimensions. The miniature sensors are primarily used in high pressure applications, for example, in combustion engines.