Turnkey thickness measurement & Precise thickness measurement on strips and plates

Sensor for precise thickness measurements

The new thicknessSENSOR opens up diverse application possibilities in terms of non-contact thickness measurement. The sensor operates with high precision and enables fast commissioning as well as ease of use.

The thicknessSENSOR is a fully assembled system for non-contact thickness measurements of strip and plate material. The system consists of two displacement sensors that are fixed opposite to each other on a frame and measure against the target from both sides. The material thickness is detected according to the difference principle and calculated using an integrated evaluation unit. The measurement values are output as analog values via voltage and current or in digital form via Ethernet. Due to its extremely compact size, the sensor can also easily be integrated into restricted installation space.

The intuitive web interface provides the new thicknessSENSOR with unique ease of use and enables the user to load individual presets for the respective measurement task. Up to eight user-specific sensor settings can be stored and exported in the setup management feature. The measurement task can be optimised using signal peak selection and freely adjustable signal averaging.



  1. Measuring ranges: 10 mm | 25 mm
  2. Measuring widths: 200 mm | 400 mm
  3. Excellent linearity
  4. Easy integration: immediately ready for use due to perfectly harmonized components
  5. Ease of use via web interface
  6. Precise measurement results with high dynamic
  7. Non-contact and wear-free thickness measurements
  8. Compact system
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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