Efficiently integrate up to 8 sensors or encoders using the RS422 interface

IF2008/ETH Interface module for Ethernet connection with up to 8 sensors

The IF2008/ETH interface module is designed for multi-channel applications. This module allows for up to 8 Micro-Epsilon sensors or encoders with RS422 interface to be integrated into an Ethernet network. Furthermore, the converter offers 4 programmable switching inputs/outputs (TTL and HTL logic) as well as 10 indicator LEDs, which show the channel or device status directly on the device. Parameter setting of the interface module can be easily done via the web interface.

The interface module is compatible with multiple sensors:

  • optoNCDT 1420, optoNCDT 1900, optoNCDT 2300
  • optoNCDT ILR2250
  • confocalDT IFC2421 / IFC2422, confocalDT IFC2465 / IFC2466
  • optoCONTROL 2520
  • interferoMETER IMS5x00


  1. Robust interface converter for multi-channel applications (8-channel system)
  2. Compatible with Micro-Epsilon sensors with RS422 interface
  3. High data output up to 200 kHz
  4. 4 programmable switching inputs/outputs
  5. LED status display
  6. Parameter set up via web interface
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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