induSENSOR LVP-25 / LDR-14

Short sensor design with a large measuring range

Inductive displacement sensors monitor the clamping position

The LVP-25-Z20 and LDR-14-Z20 sensors are used for monitoring the clamping position in machine tools. These inductive sensors are integrated in the release device and directly measure the clamping stroke of the drawbar onto which the target ring is glued. Due to their extremely compact design, these sensors are used for different types of tools while providing high-precision and continuous monitoring. No adjustment is necessary when changing the tool.



  1. Short sensor design with a large measuring range (14 mm and 25 mm)
  2. Compact sensor for easy integration
  3. Non-contact and wear-free measuring principle
  4. No adjustment necessary in the machine tool
  5. High resolution
  6. Robust design suitable for harsh environments and high temperatures
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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