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Inductive sensors (LVDT) and gauges

Micro-Epsilon offers a large range of inductive sensors for displacement and position measurement from conventional LVDT sensors and inductive sensors with integrated controller to customer-specific high-volume versions. The induSENSOR displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in automated processes, quality assurance, test rigs, hydraulics, pneumatic cylinders and automotive engineering.



  1. Wear-free and maintenance-free displacement and position measurement
  2. Compact designs, ideal for integration into machinery
  3. Robust and industrial-grade sensor designs
  4. Excellent price/performance ratio
  5. Ideal for high volume applications
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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Ideal for serial applications in numerous industries

For decades, Micro-Epsilon has been renowned for its inductive displacement sensors and gauges and has extended the range of classical measurement techniques such as LVDT by further innovative developments. Models with plunger, measuring ring, measuring tube, gauge or external controller open up applications possibilities in different industries.

Sensor modifications

Micro-Epsilon also develops sensors for special requirements that are not met by standard models. Inductive sensors from the standard range can be suitably modified. A commercial implementation can already be achieved with medium-sized quantities. Standard induSENSOR models form the basis for these modifications.

Customer-specific sensor development

For special applications where large numbers of pieces are required, Micro-Epsilon develops sensors that are precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements. The geometry, electronics and packaging are custom engineered to suit the specific requirements. Due to the high vertical range of manufacturing at Micro-Epsilon, large sensor volumes can be produced at low cost.

Robust sensor design for industrial applications

The inductive displacement sensors stand out due to their robustness and reliability under harsh conditions. As they provide high signal quality, temperature stability, resistance to shocks and vibrations as well as immunity to dirt and humidity, these sensors are frequently used in industrial measurement tasks.

NEW: Miniature sensor controller

The new MSC7401 controller is designed to be operated with LVDT and LDR measuring gauges and displacement sensors. Due to its robust aluminum housing protected to IP67, this single-channel controller is predestined for industrial measurement tasks. A large variety of compatible, inductive displacement sensors and gauges from Micro-Epsilon combined with an optimized price/performance ratio opens up numerous fields of applications in automation technology and machine building.

Interface and signal processing units