Ideal for customer-specific OEM applications

Magneto-inductive displacement sensors for customer-specific requirements

Sensors can be adapted to suit customer-specific applications. Particularly for a large number of pieces, customized sensors can be produced efficiently, which results in considerable cost reductions.

The compact PCB which contains the sensor element and the evaluation electronics is responsible for the signal preparation, signal evaluation and signal output. The type of measurement (distance or rotational speed measurement) and the required frequency response are adaptable. In addition, the interfaces offer numerous connectivity options. There are several outputs such as current, voltage, PWM and further digital outputs.

The design of the housing, the material and the protection class can be adapted to the specific requirements. In cases where space is limited, the side shifted measurement offers a space-saving alternative. For harsh environments, the sensor is designed with a fully sealed stainless steel housing that withstands high pressure, dirt, aggressive chemicals (acids) and solvents.



  1. High cost efficiency in the case of high-volume production
  2. Ideal for miniature applications
  3. Flexible design (sensor on PCB)
  4. Laterally displaced measurement arrangement (damper arrangement)
  5. Output signal (current, voltage, frequency...)
  6. Increased pressure resistance
  7. Frequency response up to 20kHz
  8. Pre-tension for measurement against ferromagnetic objects
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Interface and signal processing units