surfaceCONTROL - 3D Snapshot Sensor

Micrometer precision for large measuring ranges

surfaceCONTROL - 3D Snapshot Sensor

High resolution 3D snapshots

3D sensors for the inspection of geometry, shapes and surfaces of matt objects

surfaceCONTROL sensors are used for 3D measurements and surface inspections. The sensors use the fringe projection principle to detect diffuse reflecting surface and to generate a 3D point cloud. This point cloud is subsequently evaluated in order to recognize geometry, extremely small defects and discontinuities on the surface. Sensors with different measurement areas are available. This enables the inspection of the finest of structures on components as well as form deviations on large-area attachments. Powerful software packages are available for evaluation and parameter setting.



  1. Automated inline 3D measurement for geometry, form and surface inspections
  2. Continuous process monitoring
  3. Detection of different shape defects
  4. Objective evaluation of the deviations
  5. Comprehensive SDK & evaluation software
  6. Easy integration in all common 3D image processing packets
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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Software integration via Micro-Epsilon’s 3D-SDK

The surfaceCONTROL sensors are equipped with an easy-to-integrate SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK is based on the GigE Vision and GenICam industry standards including the following function blocks:

  • Network configuration and sensor connection
  • Comprehensive sensor control
  • Control of measurement data transfer (3D data, video images, ...)
  • Management of user-defined parameter sets
  • C/ C++/ C# library, example programs and documentation

Accessing the sensor via GigE Vision is also possible without SDK if you have a GenICam-compliant software.

Valid3D - Reliable 3D Data


Interface and signal processing units