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Automotive: test bench and production control

For many years, Micro-Epsilon has been a partner to the automotive industry and its suppliers. Whether in the test bench, in production monitoring or in plant construction - Micro-Epsilon sensors ensure precise and reliable measurements in numerous applications. Globally organized, Micro-Epsilon provides efficient collaboration with the global automotive industry.

Reliable measurement of wear protection on brake discs

optoNCDT: Largest measuring distance possible Thermal load on the sensor uncritical due to greater distance

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Verschleißmessung von Bremsscheiben

Behavior of the combustion engine in the test bench

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are considered as proven measuring instruments in the test bench of combustion engines. In towing mode as well as in the firing mode, the sensors detect different quantities which contribute to the…

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Verhalten Verbrennungsmotor am Prüfstand

Valve lift measurement in the MultiAir cylinder

The MultiAir cylinder procedure patented by FIAT / Schaeffler controls individual valves independently of the camshaft. An electro-hydraulic control system provides fully variable valve control.Therefore, the stroke and the opening/closing times…

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Ventilhubmessung im Multi-Air-Zylinder

Distinction of brake discs

When processing car brake discs, the correct brake disc must be chosen before each stage of production in order to assign them to the manufacturer's different models. Laser scanners are used to recognise and classify the brake discs. The…

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Erkennung und Klassifizierung von Bremsscheiben

Gap measurement in robot-based assembly

In modern production lines, scanCONTROL laser scanners are used to reliably inspect the gap sizes of the car body quickly and consistently. Thanks to surface compensation, measurements are possible on a wide variety of body paintworks. …

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Spaltmessung roboterbasierte Montage

Gap measurement in aluminum die casting processes

In aluminum die casting, liquid aluminum is poured into molds under high pressure and at high speeds. The high pressure acts on the closed mold and pushes it apart, which is why splinters and burrs might occur during casting. In order to measure…

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Spaltmessung bei Aluminium-Druckguss

Position detection of car bodies in the processing line

Before a car emerges from a bodyshell, it passes through numerous stations within the production, in which fully automatic processing steps are carried out. In order to enables the processing robots to recognize the exact position of the car…

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Positionserfassung Karosserie in Fertigungslinie

Surface inspection of car attachments

High quality standards and the visual appearance of products are crucial factors in every industry sector. Visible parts presenting unwanted flaws suggest low quality. Particularly in the automotive industry, optical sensors are used which…

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Oberflächenprüfung bei KFZ-Anbauteilen

Surface inspection of instrument panels

With the surfaceCONTROL2500 3D sensor from Micro-Epsilon, diffuse reflecting surfaces can be inspected on a non-contact basis using 3D data. This allows local surface deviations to be identified clearly and automatically. Finally, an objective…

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Oberflächenprüfung an Instrumententafeln

Detecting surface defects

As well as the visual requirements, instrumentation panels also have to fulfill functional and security requirements. Often the passenger airbag has a predetermined breaking line which is generated using a laser. This "weak point" ensures the…

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Detektion der Oberfläche von Instrumententafeln

Measurement of component movements in road tests

During the road test, powerful laser profile scanners and miniaturized laser sensors record lowfrequency vibrations and the movement of components within an assembly space. They test, for example, how assemblies move while driving or how the…

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Messung Bauteilbewegungen in Fahrversuchen

Measuring the brake disc deformation (Disc Thickness Variation)

With the capaNCDT DTV, Micro-Epsilon has developed a product range that is specifically used for non-contact detection of the Disc Thickness Variation. Thickness measurements of brake discs can be carried out in test benches, in road tests or in…

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Messung Verformung von Bremsscheiben

Laser profile scanner for cockpit assembly in cars

Fully or semi-automatic assembly of cockpit modules in the automotive industry requires the gripper tool to precisely position the assembly parts. As the laser scanners take over the measurement and positioning tasks, each cockpit module is…

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Laser-Profil-Scanner bei Cockpit Montage

Distance measurements in robot positioning tasks

The car body must stop at exactly the intended position. This is the only way to ensure smooth installation via the robot, which must guide the cockpit between the A and B pillars into the vehicle. The correct position at which the car body…

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Exakte Positionserfassung der Karosserie

Road tests - Detection of the brake temperature under load

The temperature behavior of brakes plays a major role in vehicle development. In particular, the duration of heating and cooling of the brake discs provides information about the efficiency of the brake system. In test bench and road tests,…

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Berührungslose Messung Temperaturentwicklung bei Bremsvorgängen

Vibration displacement measurement in road tests

In the automotive industry, testing the chassis is a prerequisite for driving safety. Here, sensors are required which can also withstand the high demands of road tests. For example, draw-wire sensors are mounted in parallel to the shock…

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Schwingwegmessung bei Fahrwerksuntersuchungen

Color recognition for seams in automotive interiors

In the assembly line of a well-known German car manufacturer, similar car interior parts must be differentiated from each other based on the respective seam color. Previously, professional testers have visually checked the seams. In order to…

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Erkennung der Farbe der Nähte im Automobil-Interieurbereich

Color measurement of car attachments

colorSENSOR CFO sensors from Micro-Epsilon are ideally suited to this kind of precise color comparison measurement as they reliably recognize different colors while enabling 100% quality control. The sensors are calibrated once to the prevailing…

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Farbmessung an KFZ-Anbauteilen

LED color inspection of vehicle lights

Color and intensity of vehicle lights must be reliably inspected prior to assembly and delivery. Homogenous distribution of light should also be ensured with fluctuating LED batches. The colorCONTROL MFA is a special LED test system designed to…

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Prüfung Farbe und Intensität von LED Fahrzeugleuchten

Color inspection and sorting of supplier parts

Before installing front aprons, Micro-Epsilon color sensors check if the color of the attachment matches the body color. Different color groups can be defined to cover all coatings.

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Farbprüfung von Zulieferteilen

Colour comparison between parking sensor and body shell

Car attachments such as parking sensors are painted separately. However, during assembly there must be no difference in colour between the parking sensor and the bumper, which means the two colours must be identical. The colorSENSOR from…

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Direkter Farbvergleich Parksensor und Heckstoßstange

Fill level measurement in oil temperature sensors (OTS)

After the oil has been filled by a dispenser machine, an ILD1420-200 measures the level. If this is less than 4 mm or if the sensor was not filled at all due to production errors, it is evaluated as NOK and sorted from the production line. Since…

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Messung Füllhöhe im Öltemperatursensor

Inline burr measurement on sheet edges in body manufacture

In order to avoid corrosion, continuous and error-free corrosion protection is a critical factor in the painting process. As the thickness of the applied painting on burrs can only be determined under challenging limitations, it is a decisive…

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Inline-Gratmessung Blechkanten Karosseriebau

Fully automatic paint defect inspection of car bodies and attachments

Particularly with shiny surfaces, a faultless production chain is expected in order to lend a sophisticated visual appearance to the final product. For fully automatic defect detection on car bodies and attachments, the reflectCONTROL inspection…

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Lackfehlerkontrolle von Karosserien und Anbauteile