optoNCDT 1220

Compact & lightweight
Fully integrable
Precise & low cost

Compact laser sensors for OEM and serial applications

The optoNCDT 1220 is the entry-level model for precise measurements in industrial automation. This compact laser triangulation sensor measures displacement, distance and position with high precision. Based on an excellent price/performance ratio, this sensor is ideally suited to measurement tasks involving a large number of pieces. Therefore, the sensor can be used in all fields of automation technology, e.g., in machine building, 3D printers or robotics.



  1. Measuring ranges (mm) 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 | 200 | 500
  2. Linearity from 10 µm
  3. Repeatability from 1 µm
  4. Measuring rate 2 kHz
  5. Compact size with integrated controller
  6. 2 m integrated sensor cable with open ends
  7. Trigger input
  8. Analog output
  9. New: now also with RS422 interface
  10. Fast commissioning and ease of use
  11. Robust aluminum housing with IP67
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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Ideal for distance control and position monitoring

The optoNCDT 1220 sensors are preferably used in applications that require high speed. Particularly with distance control tasks in industrial printers, robots and logistics processes, as well as the monitoring of packaging machines, these laser sensors impress with their high performance and compactness.


Ideal for automation and OEM integration

The optoNCDT 1220 laser sensor offers a unique combination of compact design, versatility and measurement accuracy which is exceptional in this sensor class. Its high repeatability and an adjustable measuring rate of 2 kHz make the laser sensor ideally suited to precise measurements. The Active Surface Compensation (ASC) provides stable distance signal control regardless of target color or brightness. As well as an analog output, an RS422 interface is available which enables output of the distance values at full measuring rate.

Easy integration

This compact sensor has an integrated controller. Therefore, no external controller devices are required. This enables the sensor to be integrated into restricted installation space. Its low weight makes the laser sensor ideally suited to applications where high accelerations occur. Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, the sensor is ideal for automation tasks and OEM integration with a large number of pieces.

Interface and signal processing units