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Sensor systems in the car Compensating for axial extension of milling spindles Load detection in washing machines Measuring system for strip position monitoring in a coating tank Experimental tests on a drop impact tester Active suspension cylinder Precise positioning of a surgical microscope Overhead conveyor distance Engagement length control in high performance screwdrivers Piston position in hydraulic valves Inline inspection of the dimensions of sand-lime bricks Measurement system for the flat setting on carding machines Dosing systems for high-viscosity glues Piston ring- and piston secondary movement Jib lengths of mobile cranes Crane support distance Exact crusher gap adjustment in rotary crushers Displacement sensor for washing machines Measuring the distance from the road in motor racing Strip width when trimming metal strips Lip Gap Measuring in Paper Manufacture Tester for pneumatic actuator Position measurement in Computer Tomography (CT) Control and monitoring of the production sequence in a refinery Measurement of the tilt angle on tilting trains Clutch wear in racing cars Checking the accuracy of robot trajectories Position checking on robots Release of satellites into space Displacement measurement on slag transporter Aerodynamics of aircraft Test facility for shock absorbers Camber / toe angle Ram travel at a pill press Valve Valve lift measurement in the MultiAir cylinder Inspection of valve cones Displacement/timing measurement in the common rail injector Active damping of liquid-cooled centrifuges Low cost sensors for cylinder applications

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