Laser sensors for metals and rough surfaces


A small light spot diameter is not recommended for measurements on shiny metals or machined surfaces that show small micromachining marks. Micromechanical surface properties allow no homogeneous reflection which results in noisy or unstable measurement signals.

For these requirements, laser sensors with an oval light spot of only a few millimeters width, similar to a short »laser line«, are recommended. The oval light spot combined with special software algorithms filter out disturbances caused by surface roughness, defects, depressions or smallest holes. In addition, this type of sensor is suitable for distance measurements on structured surfaces, i.e. when the distance to the surface and not the structure of the surface is to be measured. The oval light spot is not influenced by surface structures and ensures constant and stable generation of measurement values.


The optoNCDT 1750 LL is a special laser sensor for shiny metals and structured surfaces. The oval laser spot facilitates a particularly easy and precise measurement on shiny metal surfaces or structured objects.

  • Measuring ranges (mm):
    2 | 10 | 20 | 50
  • Linearity from 1.6µm
  • Resolution max. 0.1µm
  • Adjustable measuring rate up to 7.5kHz
  • Analog and digital output
  • Precise measurements on metal surfaces
  • Special lens for oval-shaped laser point
  • Distance measurement on structured surfaces
  • Real-time compensation on changing surfaces (RTSC)
  • Integrated controller

optoNCDT 2300LL laser sensors use a very small laser line instead of the common laser spot. Therefore, the optoNCDT 2300LL is also very well suited for precise distance and displacement measurements on glossy, porous or rough surfaces. Its high measurement rate up to 49kHz makes it possible to use the sensor in high speed processes. Parameter setup of the laser sensor is effected via web interface which is accessible via the Ethernet interface. The web interface offers numerous possibilities for processing measurement values and signals.

NEW: Analog output and 2 channel evaluation with C-BOX

  • Measuring ranges (mm):
    2 | 10 | 20 | 50
  • Linearity from 0.6µm
  • Resolution max. 0.03µm
  • Adjustable measuring rate up to 49.140 kHz
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422, Profinet, EtherNet/IP, analog via C-Box
  • Special optics for small laser line
  • Precise measurements on metallic and rough surfaces
  • Advanced Real-Time-Surface-Compensation (A-RTSC)
  • Integrated controller

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