Functional testing of LEDs on electronic assemblies


The sensor systems of the colorCONTROL MFA series take over the color, intensity and function control of LEDs, displays and other self-illuminators. They are also used for LED testing of electronic assemblies. The receiver sensors can be placed flexibly in relation to the objects and achieve high repeatability, measuring rate and dynamics. One controller can test up to 28 measuring points simultaneously.

The colorCONTROL MFA sensor system is used for color, intensity and function testing of LEDs on electronic assemblies. The colorCONTROL MFA-28 multi-position color recognition system works with 28 receiver sensors that pick up the light from the LEDs on the board. Thanks to the compact design of the sensors, the multi-position color recognition systems can also be positioned in small installation spaces between test needles or test pins which are fastened in the cover of the test adapter. The sensor signals are transmitted directly to the controller via optical fibers.

After internal evaluation, the signal is transmitted via the internal RS422 interface to the higher-level controller for further processing. The colorCONTROL MFA can therefore be used to determine the correct color values of the LEDs, the correct intensity and also their position. Defective LEDs are also reliably detected.

The controller can monitor up to 28 measuring points simultaneously, whereby each measuring point is freely configurable. The different measuring positions can be spatially far apart. The controller offers a data rate of 100 Hz with a dynamic range of 1 to 50,000 lx. The repeatability is xy < ± 0.000025.

High-quality receiver sensors with plastic fiber optics for different working distances and measuring spot sizes are available. Lengths and temperature ranges are also variable. The LED Analyzer is parameterized with the free sensorTOOL software.

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