capaNCDT CST6110

Ideal for industrial rotation speed measurements

Capacitive rotation speed sensor for industrial measurement tasks

The capaNCDT CST6110 is a capacitive rotation speed sensor system for counting tasks and rotational speed measurements of any type. The industrial measuring system consists of a dust proof, water tight controller and a compact sensors which can be integrated in confined spaces. The rotation speed sensor is used in centrifugal test benches, balancing machines, generators and engines, as well as shafts and drives. The CST6110 detects and counts blades, gearwheels and nubs with the highest precision and stability even in dusty, oily environments.



  1. Material-independent rotation speed measurement of 1 … 400,000 rpm
  2. Precise counting from the first detection
  3. Adjustable rotary switch (max. 16) for rotation output
  4. High interference immunity and reliability
  5. Easy integration due to compact sensor size
  6. Robust controller with IP67
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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Material-independent rotational speed measurement for universal use

Regardless of the material, the compact rotation speed sensor offers a high degree of interference immunity and reliability. Electrical conductors (metals) and insulators (plastic, ceramics, ...) are counted from the first detection with high signal quality. The rotation speed measurement is already performed from the first rotation up to a maximum of 400,000 rpm. The adjustable rotary switch supports the rotation output of objects which have several measuring points per rotation, e.g., rotor blades.

Ideal for industrial counting tasks