Color recognition on different surface types

Color sensors with fixed lenses for large measurement distances

colorSENSOR OT sensors are fixed lens sensors with True Color detection. The sensor is equipped with a special illumination and optical system in order to perfom relative color measurements reliably even from a large distance. Apart from the optics, the models hardly differ from each other. The illumination can be disabled by software. OT sensors are also suitable for the color detection of self-luminous sources.



  1. Color detection from a large distance
  2. Color and grayscale detection
  3. White light LED
  4. Object distance typ. 50 mm - 800 mm
  5. Light spot size Ø 23 or 50 mm
  6. RS232 (USB) interface
  7. 31 colors can be stored
  8. TEACH via PC, PLC or gauge
  9. Temperature compensation
  10. Switching frequency max. 35 kHz
MICRO-EPSILON India Private Limited
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